Portland Family Law Attorney Discusses Gift Giving During the Holidays

December 5th, 2014

When families merge and become an extended family due divorce and remarriage, gift giving can become a bit of confusion.  This is true not just for immediate family, but also for grandparents, aunts and uncles, and etc.  It can be hard to determine what is appropriate, especially if the titles and relationships are fairly new due to recent changes.

It is appropriate for stepparents and stepchildren to give each other gifts and even cards to begin cementing a new relationship.  These gifts should feel appropriate to both child and stepparent, but this step is a good way to being to show acceptance for one another.

Step grandparents should always make sure to spend similar dollar amounts on each child, biological or not to keep feelings of not being accepted at bay.  This can feel awkward to grandparents who have a very strong relationship to their biological grandchildren but have just recently met or have not yet bonded to their step grandchildren.

Gift giving in a divorced situation can be difficult for the biological parents of the child because it can be difficult to anticipate what to get the child.  Duplication is a common thing in all situations where children are receiving gifts, but this can be extra tricky as both parents want to get the best for their child.  This is why it is important for the parents to encourage their children to give each family a different list of items they want this holiday season.  If duplication does occur, gift receipts and not getting offended is a really good way to handle it.

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