Portland Family Law Attorney Talks International Travel with Children

September 5th, 2014

Preparation is key…

Planning a trip to Europe?  Going to Mexico for Spring Break?  If you’ve had a divorce, and you plan on taking your children on this international trip as well, then there is a good deal of advanced planning that you need to do.

Divorced parents cannot take their children out of the country on vacation without authorization from the other birth parent.

If the other birth parent refuses to authorize the trip, you must make a formal demand and take court action.

Some parenting plans include provisions requiring parents to cooperate in signing consent forms for foreign trips, but others do not.  If yours is one that doesn’t, we recommend filing for modification and adding this provision to your parenting plan.

Ronald Johnston is a Portland family law attorney that can help you prepare for legal international travel with your children.

Your vacation is supposed to be one of the most fun times of yours and your children’s lives.  Make sure that you prepare ahead of time and get all of the documentation taken care of so that you can avoid stress or last minute arguments between you and your ex about taking your children out of the country.

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