Portland Family Law Attorneys- Talking to People About Their Divorce

October 8th, 2014

were insisting that they stay in their marriage, prompting them to get revenge, and using cliché, impersonal phrases of support.

Instead of saying any of the things above, it could be better to do the following:

  • Just listen.  More often than not people who have chosen to get a divorce just want someone to talk to and vent to about it.  They are not looking for you to fix their problems in any way.
  • Ask them the role that they would like you to take.  Be clear and straight forward by saying something like, “I know this is going to be very hard for you, and I will be there for you in whatever way you would like me to be.  If you just want to vent, if you want advice, whatever you need- let me know what that is, and I will do that.”

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