Portland Oregon Divorce Attorney Explains the State’s Child Support Rules

August 29th, 2014

Child support is often considered to be an issue involving two parents wherein one parent pays the other a monthly fee to help support the estranged couple’s child or children. While it is true that matters of child support do involve two parents, in reality child support is actually intended to protect the kids and is not a form of punishment to the parent who has to pay it.

Child support is actually a legal right for all children whose parents have a custody order and are divorced or are not married. Additionally, in Oregon the state has a special law that allows adult children to still receive child support while they attend college.

Meantime, Oregon calculates child support based on the children’s needs as well as on the income of the children’s parents.

An experienced Portland Oregon divorce attorney can help with any of the many variables that can arise in court during child support cases. Therefore, if you have any issues in regards to child support, then you should contact Roald Johnston Family law by clicking here or by calling us at 503-226-7986. You can also click here to learn more about child support in the state of Oregon.

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