Putting Divorce into Perspective

December 22nd, 2014

As you begin your life after divorce, you will start to realize that it can be a challenging process.  The healing process will continue for a while, especially if there are children involved.  A divorce in many instances is a loss, whether wanted or unwanted, the final decision can leave you feeling empty and unsure of what to do next.  The family roles will change from stable to fluid and it will take a while for everyone to adjust to the new responsibilities.  Life plans will change and this is where a Plan B becomes important.

A Plan B is when you realize that divorce means you are now walking your path in a new direction, and you’re ready to start planning for it.

To start the process of formulating a Plan B, acceptance is at the forefront.  Coming to terms with being no longer married and cutting ties is the first step.  This part of the process can either be freeing or devastating based on the reasons behind the divorce.  Creating a new life for yourself gives you a goal and something to look forward to as your old plans fall apart.

Many people like to look at divorce as an ending, and that is a very difficult way to move forward.  A divorce is more of one door closing and another door opening.  It can lead to a new and better life for you.

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