Re-invent yourself on a Budget

April 9th, 2015

When an individual makes the decision to divorce, it can be quite liberating. This new freedom can lead to a person feeling as though they should reinvent their image. This is especially true in a situation where there was some control placed over the money in the marriage. The liberation can make a person forget about budget and finances, causing them to overspend.

One area where a person may end up overspending is in their house. It may be important to rid a shared home of bad memories or furniture shared with their ex-spouse. These new furniture items are most commonly beds, couches, kitchen tables, or other shared pieces. It is exciting to redecorate and create a space that represents an individual personality.

Another area where someone may feel like changing is personal appearance. During a marriage, a person may work hard to please their spouse and let go of the things they once found important. Once there is no longer a need to please their partner, the process of finding themselves may arise. A person may begin spending money on new clothes, makeup, hair appointments, and other aspects of body image. All of these things can lead to more cost.

Finding yourself is an important part of the divorce process, but it is important to start with a new and realistic budget. Attorney Ronald Johnston can help you through the divorce process and assist you in achieving a fair settlement. Click here to read about minimizing the fees that accumulate during divorce, another step in creating a realistic budget.

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