Reinventing Yourself after an Unwanted Divorce

December 24th, 2014

Since divorce is not just an ending, but also a beginning, it is important to take this opportunity to take your life and make it exactly what you want.

Accepting an Unwanted Divorce:

There are not many things that are more painful than when one spouse decides to end a marriage while the other is still hanging on.  Reasons for one spouse leaving may never be given and it can leave one partner feeling like they lack control of their life.  Having to create a new future alone when it is not something you want can cause fear and emotional pain.  Remaining positive and finding a new future can turn your sadness around by giving you something to look forward to.

The New You:

In order to truly move on, you need to let go of the person you used to be and be open to new adventures.  Nothing about your new life may be the same, and that is ok.  Putting yourself out there and reinventing yourself is important because it can be easy to lose yourself in a poor or ending marriage and divorce.

The Most Important Step

There are many other things besides emotional well-being to consider when embarking on the divorce process, such as financial, custody issues, dealing with the loss of friends and family members, and the splitting up of belongings.  These are all issues that take time and money to figure out, but the first and most important step is accepting that the divorce is really happening.

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