Relaying Messages – A Family Attorney in Beaverton OR Has Some Input

January 19th, 2016

Now that you are divorced, it is time to build a co-parenting relationship. As with all relationships, there are things that can be done to create a balance and build respect. The first thing to consider is “what do I want to get out of this relationship?” Your answer to this question likely relates to the happiness of your child.

You may wonder what things you need to remember to share with your ex, and there is definitely a fine line. If you do not share enough, your co-parent may feel that you do not respect them or care about their input, and if you share too much, your ex may begin to think you are micro-managing.

Here are a few important messages that should be relayed to your co-parent between child visits:

  • Emergencies that cannot wait.
  • Positive anecdotes about your child’s successes. This news can also be shared by your child depending on age.
  • Anything medical, such as upcoming appointment, test results, medicines, symptoms, general observations, or missed school days.
  • Anything school related.
  • Social: Play dates, upcoming social events, birthday parties, or gatherings.
  • Home: Including changes to normal routines, new behaviors, rules, expectations, and discipline strategies.

Overall, consider your child as you decide which things should be relayed. If important events are not discussed, they may miss out on things they enjoy.

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