Relocating Your Child May Not Be as Easy as You Think

April 4th, 2017

Ronald Johnston is an experienced divorce lawyer practicing in Hillsboro Oregon. During his 40 years working in family law, he has fought for mothers and fathers wishing to relocate their children, and he has fought to prevent children from relocating.

young travellerIf you have a child custody order, assume that you can’t move more than 60 miles from your current residence without an agreement with your child’s other parent or with a court order.

Ultimately, the court will decide, in the best interest of the child, if a parent can relocate.

Even if you’ve been offered a higher paying job, or you’ve remarried and your new spouse has landed better employment, and you believe the extra income will be beneficial to your child, it’s still up to the court. They get to decide whether you can move. You do not.

If you have a child custody order and you move more than 60 miles from your current residence, you may face criminal prosecution. This is why it’s important to seek legal advice before relocating your child.

If you do want to relocate your child, it’s recommended that you contact a skilled divorce lawyer in Hillsboro Oregon, like Ronald Johnston, as quickly as possible. One of the biggest mistakes parents make when wanting to relocate a child is waiting until the last minute. Contact Ronald Johnston today!

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