Remaining Calm, Reasonable, and Prepared – Advice From a Divorce Attorney in Portland OR

January 17th, 2016

Our last blog post discussed the importance of using a business like model when communicating with your co-parent. Part of ensuring this type of interaction is the practice of remaining calm, reasonable, and prepared.

You might feel many emotions when coming into contact with your ex, especially if you are newly divorced. Consider keeping these emotions at bay, or discuss them away from your children’s little ears.

Remaining calm, reasonable, and prepared before having any important conversation can help you convey your feelings without being irrational. To begin a relationship built with these qualities, try not to micro manage your ex spouse or run to them every time you have a concern.

Some may call this “picking your battles,” and it is a good way to approach differences in opinion. This will require building a structure of being more factual and less emotional. Consider this before every interaction with your co-parent.


Nobody said that communicating with your ex post divorce would be easy. That said, the right divorce attorney in Portland OR can help the process run smoothly. Click here to read about Attorney Ronald Johnston’s dedication to your family.

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