Resisting Change – Ideas From a Portland Divorce Attorney

July 13th, 2015

Divorce is a major change and it can impact just about every system within your life. For this reason, the next series of blog posts will focus on embracing change, letting go of permanence, and moving on.

One dilemma that humans commonly face is the notion that things must be permanent. We often cling to this illusion that relationships should not end, jobs should never be lost, and things will always be good. This can set us up for a great deal of pain because we might end up trying to make a relationship work when it is clearly not healthy or stay at a dead end job because it was part of the plan. Then, when this illusion is shattered it can leave us afraid and discouraged. The reality is that change exists everywhere in this life, you may not ever face a traumatic divorce, but your life may take a shift in some other completely unexpected way. When challenged by change, you might consider going with the current when it makes sense, instead of fighting against the flow and causing more pain.

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