Restraining Order Lawyer in Portland Oregon

September 29th, 2014

After experiencing domestic violence in Portland Oregon, you may be considering a restraining order.  If so, and you want to be more confident about successfully getting one, you would be wise to contact a family lawyer.

Ronald Johnston is a lawyer who specializes in all types of family law cases, domestic violence included.  If you have experienced domestic violence, Johnston can help you seek a restraining order against the offender.

If you need a temporary protective order, a renewable or long-term restraining order, or both, Johnston will assist you.

Contact the police first if you are in immediate danger, and then consult with our firm about how to move forward.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits of gaining a restraining order in Oregon.

  • The accused can be removed from your home
  • The accused can be barred from the general vicinity of you and your children
  • Divorce proceedings can begin if the accused was your spouse

In our next post we will discuss whether or not you’ll have to go to court during your petition for a restraining order.  For more on information on domestic violence and restraining orders click here.

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