Reviews on Portland Divorce Lawyers

October 17th, 2014

Finding reviews on Portland divorce lawyers is important during the selection process.

Today we would like to highlight one of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

Dear Ron: Thank you for handling my case the way you did. I realize that mine was a relatively small matter, but you gave it personal attention and I appreciated that. I also was impressed and thrilled that the other lawyer argued his case for ten minutes, and that you destroyed his argument and won the matter in less than a minute of talking. Well done. Thank you.

–Cathy C.

What Cathy’s testimonial demonstrates is two-fold:

  • Johnston’s care for the actual person behind the case
  • Johnston’s vast knowledge of family law

Even though Cathy’s case was over a relatively small matter, Johnston still put great effort and care into the case because he knew it was important to her.

Johnston was able to argue the case and refute the other lawyer’s points very efficiently.  This is because Johnston has been practicing for nearly 40 years.  He literally “wrote the book” on family law in Oregon.

He was on the Oregon State Bar task force that provided a report on legislative proposals to make sweeping changes to Oregon’s custody, joint custody, and parenting time laws.

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