Rituals and Divorce

June 22nd, 2015

Rituals are very important to all of us. They have been used to celebrate events of many kinds throughout time from birthdays to graduations. They are most often used when situations are extremely important, beyond your control, or when the outcome is uncertain.

Typically, the breakup of a marriage is not marked by a ritual of any kind. The process is instead navigated by mediation and settlements. This can be a painstaking situation, leaving you feeling emotionally empty as you move from married to single.

New rituals like “divorce parties” are becoming more popular as a means for people to acknowledge the end of their marriage, especially in situations where there is low hostility. These events often help divorcing couples and their children move forward. On a wider scale, such rituals could be a chance for the family to acknowledge the good parts of the marriage and to forgive each other. The event can be followed by celebrating the new relationship the family will have with each other. Overall, a divorce ceremony can bring about a feeling of possibility and hope. This will help you move on to the next stage in your life and create your new identity.

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