Ronald Allen Johnston Believes Your Relationship with Your Child is Important

February 9th, 2015

Whether a couple is married and going through the divorce process, or unmarried and going through a breakup, nothing is more important than the relationship between parents and their children.  If both parties cannot decide on joint custody, it will be left to the courts to lay out child custody plans.  Usually this decision is more difficult than one would think, but the most important consideration is that the child’s best interests are taken to heart.

When a court makes a decision on custody, they must hear all of the varying factors that could result in one parent being less qualified than the other.  An objective professional may even be hired to interview each party and make suggestions about what a custody agreement should look like.  Expert advice is typically not taken lightly and can make a big difference in where the child is placed and when.  Through this time it is extremely important to have an experienced child custody attorney to prepare you for this process and present crucial information to the court.   Beaverton and Hillsboro Oregon custody lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston is a leading attorney for child custody cases in Oregon.  He not only has a fantastic ability to handle custody litigation, but he also meets regularly with evaluators and other attorneys to gain new insight on child custody situations.

Attorney Ronald Johnston proudly represents mothers and fathers alike, and is very well known as a fathers’ rights advocate.  The relationship parents share with their child is equally important and it should be respected.   Click here to contact our office today to schedule a pre-divorce consultation regarding your child custody case.

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