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March 19th, 2014

Life seldom hands us what we expect.

Recently, a woman we know cried when her son left for college. She had anticipated that he would go to a community college and spend more time home. She cried the day he left and then within the week she had remodeled his room and was enjoying the space as her own private office.

Stacey was feeling guilty about how much she enjoyed not being interrupted while in her new space. She was feeling guilty about having the carpeting replaced and adding better lights. “It feels a little selfish,” she said. “And like I really wanted him to go all along.”

No, Stacey, you should not feel guilty about enjoying life. You need to be happy with what you get. If your son had stayed home for another couple years, you would have enjoyed him. But now that he is gone, enjoy what you can in that situation.

The same is true with divorce. Certainly, you hadn’t planned to need a divorce attorney. You didn’t get married so you could get a divorce. You didn’t want to use a family law office when you got married. You didn’t plan to get divorced at all, but when it occurs, as Portland, Oregon divorce attorneys we see how some people make the change easier on themselves, while others refuse to move on.

Enjoy your life.

Enjoy your life.

There are some things you can do to prepare yourself for living alone after the divorce.

  • Change the scenery. Re-invent your living space by putting out new photos, painting the walls a different color, or moving around the furniture.
  • Reconnect with friends. You need something to look forward to, and a luncheon with an old friend, a sister retreat, or a wine tasting retreat can be just the thing you need.
  • Join a group. Find a book club, take cooking lessons, or go bowling. Find something to break up your work week. Do things that make you feel good about yourself.
  • Make a list of goals. This is a fresh start. Do some of those things you never had time to do. Do things that make you feel good about yourself. One of the hardest parts of a divorce is being able to feel confident, so find those things which will help your self-esteem.

You need a qualified Portland, Oregon family law attorney to get the divorce finalized. Your divorce attorney can help you get what you deserve from the divorce so that you are ready to move to the next phase in your life.

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