Ronald Johnston, Family Law Attorney in Portland Oregon, Can Help You Enforce Child Support – Part 1

January 9th, 2017

If your child’s other parent is not paying their child support, it is recommended that you contact a competent divorce lawyer practicing in Portland Oregon.

Mother with children using laptop in kitchenComplying with a child support order is not optional. A judge ordered child support to ensure that both parents are contributing to the best interests of their child.

Remember, when a parent defaults on a child support payment, it isn’t the other parent that is negatively impacted, it’s the child.

You might be unsure about what can be done to enforce a child support order in Portland Oregon.

In many cases, it would be beneficial to consider contacting a capable family law attorney. Ronald Johnston has 40 years of experience in family law and has worked with numerous families in a plethora of situations.

Johnston approaches each situation with the same goal: to protect the interests of his client and their child.

It depends on the situation, but usually the next step is to file a contempt motion before the court. This will require the parent who’s not paying child support to show cause as to why they’re not complying with the court order.

The court will make a ruling and, if ruled in your favor, will use one of several mechanisms to enforce the child support order.

Those mechanisms will be discussed in part two of this blog series. To read that post, click here.

If you need help enforcing a child support order, contact Ronald Johnston, a divorce lawyer with 40 years of experience practicing in Portland Oregon.

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