Ronald Johnston Family Law- Conquering the Fear of Divorce

January 28th, 2015

In an earlier blog, we discussed fear in the divorce process. In order to reduce that fear, you can begin the exploration process and find out what will happen next.

An experienced family lawyer can guide you through this process and give you a step by step description of what to expect. In divorce proceedings, knowledge truly is power, and it can free you from your fear.

The next step in reducing fear is to identify your options and then develop an action plan that fits your situation and your needs. Determining your options gives YOU control of YOUR situation.   Getting the control back in a scenario where you have lost so much is a great way to let go of some fear.

If you encounter problems that seem daunting, your lawyer can help you devise a plan and face them head on.

Finally, take positive steps to implement your action plan. Many clients have lost their hope and are very fearful when they walk into my office. As we discuss and work through the next steps, create an appropriate action plan, and put that plan into motion.

When this process begins, many of my clients begin to release themselves from fear. As they gain the empowerment to take control and use problem resolution, my clients leave my office without fear. They can again hold their head high and look forward to what is to come.

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