Ronald Johnston Family Law-How to be Flexible and Prioritize

December 12th, 2014

Today’s post will cover the importance of flexibility, sacrifices, and priorities this time of year.  Since the holidays are when everyone thinks of family, it is very common for parents to want to spend more time with their children.  This is important and one on one time should be encouraged from all co parenting partners.

Due to the constraints of time, all members must realize that making everyone happy with every situation is simply not realistic.  Putting the pressure on to please everyone can ruin the holiday time that should be spent bonding with family.  When you add flexibility to the table, working together can be managed.  The priority needs to be placed on the child, and ensuring that they have a wonderful time is the most important thing.

A discussion should take place that details the rituals and traditions that will be carried out in each home, so members of the extended family can plan accordingly.  Old traditions that took place before the divorce may be difficult to carry out and it can be uncomfortable for everyone.  It is suggested that small traditions that can be easily recreated should be continued, but it is also important for families to find new traditions that the children can cling to and look forward to.

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