Ronald Johnston Family Law-How to Handle Facing your Ex Spouse

January 23rd, 2015

Following the divorce, you and your ex will live in separate places. Finances will often be stretched due to the different living quarters. Similar disagreements and issues you had during marriage will likely continue throughout the divorce process.

Even though you have most likely separated belongings and live separately, there will be things that continue to tie you together. Between alimony, child support, visitation, and debt, you may have to deal with each other for quite some time.

As you encounter the negotiation process, you will have to learn how to be civil and come to agreements together. A few tips for handling this situation are:

  • Stay calm. There can be many emotions between ex spouses, and civility is key to communication.
  • Focus on what the issue is, it is important to remember that this is business.
  • Don’t send mixed signals.
  • Follow through with promises and consequences.
  • Do not put children in the middle. They are going through enough.
  • Heed to the courts rulings.

In the end, it is important to remember that the important part of this situation is that you are happy and at peace. If you can get yourself to a place of acceptance, it will be easier to face your Ex and your past.

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