Ronald Johnston Family Law- Now Providing Alternative Divorce Services

November 3rd, 2014

Collaborative Divorce, often called Alternative Divorce, is a process that can make ending your marriage a much better experience than you ever thought it could be.

Have children? Collaborative divorce could be a very good route for you.

You don’t want your children to feel excessive tension or aggression between you and your partner when you decide to end your marriage.  There is a way to accomplish this, and Ronald Johnston is pleased to announce that he is now on the list of attorneys in Portland offering these services.

This model of dispute resolution was developed in the 1980’s and continues today as an option for people who want to limit the devastating effects traditional divorce proceedings can cause.

Collaborative Divorce can make ending a marriage much faster and much more affordable.

Even though all this is true, this style is not for everyone and for every situation.

Regardless of what style of divorce you are ready to begin, Ronald Johnston Family Law can represent you.

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