Ronald Johnston Family Law-The Freedom to Enjoy the Holidays

December 10th, 2014

This week we are discussing the holidays and how to best deal with them when your family is going through or has recently gone through a divorce.  Today’s post is going to talk about the importance of allowing children to enjoy their holidays with both families without feeling guilty.  This is especially important in families where both divorced spouses have remarried.  This is a sticky situation because children can be left feeling in the middle.

Your children should be encouraged to not just attend celebrations with their other family, but be encouraged to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  Make sure to comment about how much fun they will have during their other celebrations to ensure that they are released from any feelings of guilt or resentment during the holidays.  It is important for children to bond with stepparents and to feel comfortable being in their presence.

It is also important to be aware of your children’s feelings of loss in this situation.  It does not really matter how long you have been divorced, the feelings of sadness can still remain.  The separation during the holidays means that when they are with one parent, they are not with the other.  This can also mean that they do not get to attend certain events that they enjoy because of the other events taking place.  It is very common for children to show feelings of loss and happiness all in the same period of time.  These mixed emotions should be met with love and understanding.

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