Ronald Johnston Law- Do Your Research, Here’s What You’ll Find

September 3rd, 2014

Our last post talked about the importance of doing research before choosing a Portland Oregon divorce attorney.  We talked about looking for testimonials, studying the attorney’s website, and searching for them on the Oregon State Bar website.

If you do those things for Ronald Johnston Law, here’s what you will find:

  • Testimonials
    • On our website, we have a testimonials page with a few reviews written by our clients.  Here is a quote from one of them- “Ron, you were like the rescuer that pulled me into the shelter and had the patience to solve all the emotional issues between the spouses, and to solve all the legal issues for the best outcome. The issues were very complex, and the demand on you was exceptional. I wish I had found you at the beginning of this hurricane, and I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you!”
    • On our Avvo page, we have some great endorsements from other lawyers as well.  One of them reads, “Mr Johnston impresses me as an attorney who is very savvy and knowledgeable about his area of practice. Mr Johnston is an attorney to whom I would be glad to refer clients, as I know the client would be in very good hands.”
    • Website- The first things you see when looking at our site are the words, “Experience guides us.  Resolve drives us.”  This tells you that we are a practice lead by years of experience in the industry, with a commitment and dedication that keeps us constantly resolved to getting the best outcome possible for our clients.  Reading on throughout the site, this statement is backed up time and time again.
    • Oregon State Bar- Our listing on the Oregon State Bar website shows that the admit date to the Bar for Ronald Johnston was in April of 1976, and that there has never been any disciplinary action against us.

Call today to start your divorce off on the right foot with an experienced, respected Portland Oregon divorce attorney.  Our number is (503) 226-7986.

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