Ronald Johnston Links to Helpful Information for Unmarried Parents

September 24th, 2014

Earlier this week we posted a link to, a website with resources for couples working on their relationship.  Today, we want to tell you about another great resource which is  This is a site that helps parents who were never married.

This site is set up in the same fashion as, meaning that the first time you come to the site you hit the “Getting Started” button, and create a new account for the site.  Then each time you return you simply login using the credentials you created the first time there.

The creators of the site have a background in mediation with parents and used their experience there to create Commitments and Exercises for parents to complete.  These things work to help them understand the importance of focusing on their children’s needs and how that understanding can help both their children and themselves.

Originally, the creators planned on using the material solely with the people that came into their office for help, but decided eventually to publish the information all online for any interested parents, judges, lawyers, counselors, or mediators.

If you find this information helpful, it would be wise to check out our full list of links to other helpful resources so that you can continue improving the relationships in your lives.

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