Ronald Johnston, Portland Oregon Divorce Attorney, Can Help If You Need A Modification To Your Child Support– Part 1

January 16th, 2017

If you need child support modification you can contact one of the many capable divorce attorneys practicing in Portland OR. Or, you can contact Ronald Johnston, an attorney with 40 years of experience in family law.

child supportDuring his four-decade long career, Ronald Johnston has worked diligently to protect the rights of clients—mother, fathers, and children involved in family law cases.

Ronald Johnston knows better than anyone that sometimes the original, or most recent child support order no longer serves the family. When this situation arises, the parent must petition the court to modify the child support order.

The parent seeking modification must prove that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. This is where Ronald Johnston can help.

To modify a child support order, your current child support order must be at least 36 months old, or it hasn’t been reviewed for 36 months.

The court will forgo these requirements if a significant change has occurred in circumstances.

In part two of this series, we’ll look at significant changes that the court might deem substantial enough to modify a child support order.

To contact Ronald Johnston, one of the most experienced divorce attorneys in Portland OR, and learn more about child support modification, click here.

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