Ronald Johnston, Portland Oregon Family Law Attorney, Discusses 12 of the Top Things You Need to Know About Family Law – Part 1 of 3

January 23rd, 2017

Ronald Johnston is one of the most experienced Portland Oregon family law attorneys practicing today. With Ronald Johnston on your side, you are sure to have a firm understanding of the aspects of family law relevant to your case.

To help you prepare, we’ve constructed a list of 12 of the top items you should know about family law. Included with each item, you’ll find a link to a blog article containing more information in detail.

  • A pre-divorce consultation with Ronald Johnston is 100% confidential. No records will be kept. No one will know you had a meeting with an attorney. – Pre-Divorce Consultations With Our Portland Oregon Family Lawyer
  • Oregon is a “no fault” divorce state. The courts won’t consider misconduct when distributing marital property or when issuing spousal support orders. Misconduct may be considered in child custody cases, when relevant. – The Divorce Process
  • A common mistake parents make in child custody cases is acting without legal advice. If you’re getting a divorce and have children, we recommend that you work with a qualified divorce attorney such as Ronald Johnston. – Our Portland Oregon Custody Attorney Cites The Common Mistakes In Child Custody Matters
  • A divorce acknowledges that a marriage took place and has ended, while an annulment legally expresses that the marriage never happened. –Annulment

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