Schedules Based Upon Your Child’s Age

June 10th, 2015

It is common for parenting schedules to change based on your child’s age. Obviously a plan that works for an infant, may not benefit a school-aged child. For this reason, divorcing parents may consider creating a phased plan that will change to fit the needs of a child as they age. In the situation where you wait to make modifications until a plan is no longer working, it may require you to start over. From there, if there is an inability to make the changes necessary, you may end up stuck with the original agreement.

Some parents choose to add a clause that the plan will be revisited on a yearly basis to ensure that it is working. This can be helpful in situations where parents are both looking out for the best interest for the child, but it can lead to problems. For example, one parent may want to revisit the agreement and the other may not. Even if the plan calls for parents to return to mediation, this does not necessarily resolve the problem. It is not a good idea to leave the plan open ended. A phased plan can be agreed upon and followed, and most importantly can consider the needs of the child.

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