Schedules Based Upon Your Child’s School Schedule

June 12th, 2015

You may feel that your child should not have their week interrupted by changing between your and your ex’s house. This may lead to changes taking place on the weekend. This may work for a while, but it can begin to feel like your child is missing out on the fun free time with you. This is especially true if you remarry and there are other children involved. If your child is gone every weekend, schedules can become difficult if your step-children also change families over weekends. In this scenario, jealousy may occur as well as an inability to bond with new family members.

When one parent gets weekends and the other the school days, one parent may feel as though they are spending all of their time handling school requirements, appointments, and homework, while the other parent has the fun time. You may have some resentment after a while because you are more likely to be the disciplinarian and enforce responsibilities.

One way to handle this is to do every other weekend, instead of every single one, even if this means giving up some weekdays. Responsibilities and fun should be shared between parents and the child should have a schedule that allows them to be involved in the lives of both families.

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