Schedules Based Upon Your Current Co-parenting Relationship

June 19th, 2015

If you and your ex are getting along well and have no expectations of your relationship changing, you are lucky. It is not always the case for a divorced couple to get along, co-parent, and focus all energy on the child. Even though your plans to be together forever did not work out, you remain positive about the way things are panning out.

Even if things are going well with your co-parenting schedule, it is important to know that changes can occur. The biggest change in the way you co-parent can happen when a parent remarries or makes plans to move away. A new relationship can create a rift in a well functioning situation, especially if the new individual tries to create conflict or is over-involved. The most important aspect to consider is what you want out of the future and carefully plan out how to handle the “what ifs.”

The best parenting plan that co-parents can have is one that can be put into place and then put away. This will help manage conflicts as they come up and avoid the issues that may occur. This plan can include a variety of scenarios, each of which are meant to protect each parent that signs.

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