Schedules Based Upon Your Guilt

June 18th, 2015

Guilt can come about in many ways when navigating divorce. This is especially true if the divorce was your choice, you had an affair, or if you have children who you worry will suffer from the family splitting up. As a result of this guilt, you may have decided to give up more custody than you would like and maybe even were more generous financially when signing paperwork in the divorce. Guilty spouses can be more at risk for giving up more of their rights because of the guilt they feel for exiting the marriage.

You may feel better doing this but chances are you will end up regretting giving up so much. When you remarry or as you realize how tight things get financially, there will be some resentment towards the original agreement. To avoid this dilemma you should seek out an attorney who will advocate for your rights and make sure to fight for you. Even if you have some serious guilt about the situation, it is important to protect your future. You can look for different ways to atone for your guilty conscious.

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