Scheduling A Pre-Divorce Consultation

November 7th, 2016

Deciding to consult a divorce attorney in Hillsboro Oregon can be tough. After all, deciding whether or not to get a divorce is probably one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Man talking to woman lawyerTo help, Ronald Johnston offers a confidential pre-divorce consultation. It’s one of the most useful and powerful services he provides.

Here is what you should expect during a Ronald Johnston pre-divorce consultation:

• The consultation will be confidential. No records will be kept.
• You’ll be interviewed about the facts of your situation.
• Your rights and obligations will be identified.
• You’ll learn what will happen if you or your spouse files for divorce.
• You’ll learn what is involved in getting a divorce in Oregon.
• You’ll learn your rights and obligations during the divorce process.
• You’ll learn how much time and how much money your divorce will cost.
• If applicable, you’ll participate in a discussion on how to lessen the impact of your divorce on your children.
• If appropriate, child custody rights will be reviewed.

Sometimes, a pre-divorce consultation saves a marriage since learning that your spouse has seen a divorce lawyer can be sobering news. It might even be the catalyst to begin a candid conversation about reconciliation.

When you are ready for a pre-divorce consultation, contact Ronald Johnston, an experienced divorce attorney practicing in Portland Oregon.

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