Setting a Gift Budget this Holiday Season – Advice from a Divorce Attorney in Hillsboro OR

December 11th, 2015

There are so many things to consider now that you are divorced and the holidays are approaching.

  • How will the time be split?
  • Which traditions will continue?
  • Which new rituals need to be established?
  • How will finances come into play?

The last point is important in terms of gift giving. One parent may do a lot of work to outdo the other, and this can create a range of emotions and drama.

Equity is important for children, and you might consider communicating with your co-parent about this important factor. There may be an agreed upon spending limit or parents could even continue giving joint gifts. The gifts being purchased should also be discussed so the children are not receiving duplicates. Developing a close co-parenting relationship may be difficult, and the holidays may be a good time to practice. Effectively communicating the interests of the children can help set the tone for compromising and making decisions together.

Christmas card with snowman, sled, cinnamon and christmas gifts over old wooden background

A well-designed co-parenting plan can help you avoid drama during the holidays. As you encounter the divorce process, consider a plan that specifically spells out holiday arrangements. This can make things easier because each parent already knows what they are getting. To get started, click here to read about a Divorce Attorney in Hillsboro OR.

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