Should Prenup Include Digital Assets? – Divorce Attorney Portland OR

July 21st, 2014

We have discussed prenuptial agreements before in our blog space, but with the increasing dependence on technology in our world, there is another side to prenuptial agreements that many people probably haven’t considered. There is a growing trend amongst couples that prepare prenuptial agreements. The question that more and more couples are asking is “what happens to my digital assets after we get married?”

Digital data, including music, movies, photos and social media accounts are becoming increasingly popular and in fact are now commonplace in our society. Although some of these items may not actually be worth a lot of money, they do have value. Meantime, if you have any kind of public persona then in fact these kinds of data can be very valuable

So what should you do to protect these digital assets in the event of a divorce? First, you should take an inventory of all of your digital assets before you get married. Second, like anything else, you should discuss you and your future spouse’s digital assets openly and how they would be handled if you were to ever split up.

Lastly, if your digital assets are valuable or have the potential to become very valuable, then you might want to talk with a divorce attorney in Portland OR and discuss a prenuptial agreement.

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