Some Advice about For Managing Visitation Resistance from A Family Lawyer in Portland OR 

March 2nd, 2016


Child Studying To Improve His Education

Our last blog post was geared towards determining what may be causing your child’s resistance to visitation.  Today’s post will help you find ways to manage this resistance and help your child feel better about the divorce.

If after reading the previous post, you are realizing that some of your actions and behaviors are contributing to your child’s resistance, now is a good time to work on them. On the other hand, if you believe that this resistance is due to another issue, it may be a good idea to find them a therapist to help them manage their emotions.

If your child does open up about their feelings, consider attempting to listen to them without casting judgments or lecturing them. This pressure can put them on the defensive and hinder communication even further.

Your children will benefit from having a healthy relationship with their parents. They will also benefit from witnessing their parents having a healthy relationship with each other. This co-parenting relationship is vital to the happiness and functionality of the family unit.

As your child moves towards acceptance and forgiveness, your new family situation can begin to function. Ronald Johnston is a family lawyer in Portland OR who is dedicated to ensuring the happiness of your family and the positive functioning of your family unit post divorce.  Click here to read more about him today.

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