Some Ways Parents May Use “Nesting” to Help their Children Adjust to Divorce – Ideas from Your Family Law Attorney in Portland OR

October 7th, 2015

The last blog post discussed the idea of “nesting” as a way of living following or preceding a divorce. This post will continue go into the specifics of choosing this arrangements following divorce or separation.

One way parents will typically use this method of living is that the parents will rent a one-bedroom apartment, for each parent to stay in when they are not living in the home. Parents will exchange places as each one takes their turn in the family home.  The reason this is ideal during separation is so the children do not have to shuttle back and forth between homes enabling their lives to remain as stable as possible.  This option reduces the financial drain on the family during the separation because a small apartment is much less expensive than a whole different house.  If money is not a real issue, another nesting arrangement involves each adult purchasing their own personal dwelling, while the children remain in the family home. This option gives each partner the privacy they desire.

A benefit of nesting is that children do not need to carry items back and forth between homes and there will be no need to purchase duplicate bikes, sports equipment, school instruments, or school supplies. The children get to keep their friendships, their school, and most of their life remains as close to normal as possible.

As parents began to learn about nesting, some will consider keeping it long term, while others simply use it as a transition into the divorce. Keeping nesting permanently is potentially dangerous because it can be emotionally complicated for the parents.  The next blog will discuss some important factors to consider during nesting.

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