Stepparent Adoption Unifies Blended Families

June 2nd, 2017

Beaverton Oregon divorce attorney Ronald Johnston has been helping stepparents adopt children for over 40 years. Stepparent adoption helps unify blended families both legally and emotionally.  

If the stepparent and stepchild have a good relationship, why consider adoption? Stepparent adoption can benefit children who have an absentee biological parent.

When a stepparent adopts a stepchild, they become the child’s legal parent, usurping the biological parent. After a stepparent adoption, the biological parent loses all rights to parent the child.

A stepparent adoption can have positive emotional ramifications for children. It can make them feel a part of the family, especially if there are stepbrothers and/or stepsisters involved.

A stepparent adoption allows the stepchild to be covered by their stepparent’s health insurance. Also, adoption gives the stepparent parental rights if their spouse (the biological parent) passes away.

In Oregon, stepparent adoption can take up to half a year. It involves many steps including:

  • Consent of spouse
  • Consent of the other biological parent
  • A criminal background check
  • Having Department of Human Services waive the requirement of a home study

If you’re a stepparent wishing to adopt, contact Ronald Johnston today. He’s a prominent Beaverton Oregon divorce attorney with more than four decades of experience representing families in stepparent adoptions.

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