Surround Yourself With These 3 People After Your Divorce in Hillsboro OR

April 1st, 2016

Your divorce will require you to take the necessary steps to start over, and it is important that you do not go through it alone. As you contemplate what is next, consider thinking about the people who can help you through it.

The best people to help you are the people in your life that you can turn to and reliably count on. They are the ones who will not complicate your divorce or make it more difficult. The ones you can have a good time with, will give it to you straight, and be your shoulder to cry on when you need it. You might have one friend who has all of these characteristics, or maybe 3 different people will each have their own role. Either way, they are necessary for helping you cope.

Here are the 3 people you might want to consider surrounding yourself with after your divorce in Hillsboro OR:

The low-drama and non-judgmental people: Your divorce is difficult and dramatic as it is. The last things you need are people that cause more drama, or even worse, the people who judge you as you are coping. They will make the healing process much more difficult than it needs to be.

The fun people: Fun people can make your life more exciting and can distract you from what you are going through. This could be anything from catching a movie, grabbing a drink after work, brunch with your BFF, or even a date with someone new.

The people who will give it to you straight: These are the “tough love” people in your life. Maybe for you, this is a friend or family member. It could be a therapist, a coach, or an experienced advisor in life matters. As you decide who will play this role, think first about what your desired result is. Focusing on your desired outcome will help you to determine who will be the best accountability partner for you.

Each of these types of people will play an important part in your recovery, so think about your options carefully. Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston wants to be a part of your team. He can be your divorce lawyer in Hillsboro OR who will assist you in moving on from a legal standpoint. Click here to read more about Ronald Johnston Law today.

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