Terminology Tuesday: Our Beaverton OR Divorce Attorney Defines Pendente Lite Hearing

June 14th, 2016

Each Tuesday our Portland Oregon Divorce Attorney will review some of the terminology used in the divorce process that may be confusing.

Today, we’ll be talking about PENDENTE LITE HEARING

hand holding wooden gavelDivorce proceedings that are already difficult to understand can become downright frustrating when the terms used are in a foreign language.

Fortunately, Pendente Lite means “During Litigation”, so a Pendente Lite Hearing simply means “During Litigation Hearing.”

At this hearing, the judge will hear evidence and will then issue temporary orders relating to child custody, visitation, use of home, use of assets, etc. The hearings usually are brief, and often are pressured.

The purpose is to set temporary ground rules for the case, and is not to decide issues with finality.

Notwithstanding, the issuance of a temporary order can affect the final outcome, especially in child custody related cases. Accordingly, many pendente lite hearings are vigorously contested.

You’ll need an attorney who understands the relationship between the Pendente Lite Hearing decisions and the court’s final divorce decisions.

For help with your divorce from an experienced Portland OR divorce attorney, contact Ronald Allen Johnston here. Mr. Johnston has over 35 years of experience in family law to guide you through the complicated divorce process.

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