Terminology Tuesday: Our Portland OR Divorce Attorney Discusses Depositions

May 31st, 2016

As a new feature of our blog, each Tuesday our Portland Oregon Divorce Attorney will review some of the terminology used in the divorce process that may be confusing.

Today, we’ll be talking about DEPOSITIONS.

A deposition is a formal statement that someone who has promised to tell the truth makes so that the statement can be used in court.

Depositions are an exploration tool, usually used toward the end of a case, not the beginning.

couple-consulting-with-family-law-attorneyGenerally, the attorneys involved already have a pretty good grasp of the facts and they’re looking for more information on certain issues. They might use this information at trial, or as a guide as to where they should concentrate further discovery efforts.

A party being deposed has the right to bring a lawyer, and should do so in order to protect their interests.

A lawyer may prevent a party from damaging their case during a deposition by helping the party prepare, and by making sure the opposing party’s lawyer doesn’t ask for information to which they are not entitled and that questions are respectful and properly formed.

A lawyer may object to questions that are vague, improper, misleading, or irrelevant in that they do not relate to the specific case.

If you will be participating in a deposition, you’ll need to be prepared. Contact Ronald Johnston, Portland Oregon Divorce Attorney for expert advice about all aspects of the divorce process.

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