Terminology Tuesday: Our Portland OR Divorce Lawyer Defines Service of Process

June 7th, 2016

Each Tuesday our Portland Oregon Divorce Attorney will review some of the terminology used in the divorce process that may be confusing.

Today, we’ll be talking about SERVICE OF PROCESS

person handing over a fileService of process is the procedure by which a party to a lawsuit gives an appropriate notice of initial legal action to another party (such as a defendant), court, or administrative body in an effort to exercise jurisdiction over that person so as to enable that person to respond to the proceeding before the court, body, or other tribunal.

Notice is furnished by delivering a set of court documents (called “process”) to the person to be served. A sheriff or process server does this, generally. This is generally done routinely, but sometimes it is difficult. In Multnomah County, service must be done within six months of filing; in other counties within 63 days. Service is accomplished by handing papers to the respondent personally or leaving them at home or office. If all parties agree, service may be waived by signing of a receipt. Service of process is a required step of divorce, and must be completed correctly.

For more assistance with the steps of the divorce process or help understanding divorce terminology, contact Portland OR Divorce Lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston here.

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