The Difference Between the Healing Process and a Downward Spiral – Advice from a Divorce Attorney in Beaverton OR

April 7th, 2016

Everyone copes with divorce in different ways. Some people will require more time than others to find the closure necessary to move on.

There is a fine line between cycling through your emotions in a healthy way, and dwelling on the past in a way that hinders your recovery. Think of your sadness as a means of releasing emotions and getting to a better place. When you stay sad too long and find yourself obsessing about the past, you may be spiraling out of control instead of finding closure.

If you find that your emotional cycle is hindering your healing instead of helping you, it might be time to seek outside help. It is not uncommon for divorced individuals to find themselves struggling with depression. A therapist or counselor can assist you in finding more constructive and appropriate ways to cope.

To avoid a downward spiral, consider taking these steps:

  • Pack away photo albums or home movies that might leave you reminiscing
  • Remove items that hold emotional value from your home
  • Avoid sending unnecessary emails or texts to your ex
  • Get out of the house and find new things to experience
  • Find some new hobbies or remember old ones that you used to enjoy before your divorce
  • Find a good place to store your wedding ring
  • Store away all wedding memorabilia and avoid digging it out again

These steps will help allow you to let go of your marriage and manage your emotions. You can visit the past, just try not to stay there long. Eventually you will have to rejoin the real world, and your real life. Once you find closure, you can begin to plan a happier situation for your family.

As you begin the process of emotionally dealing with your divorce, Attorney Ronald Johnston can be there for you. Your family needs an advocate, and he understands that. If you are searching for a knowledgeable divorce attorney in Beaverton OR, click here.

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