The Difficulties of Sharing Halloween – Tips from Your Portland Oregon Family Law Attorney

October 26th, 2015

If you are divorced and sharing custody, holidays can be tricky. Halloween is no different, especially if both parents want to share in the experience of trick-or-treating with the kids.  What should you do this Halloween in order for everyone to have a good time, despite the fact that you and your ex no longer live in the same house?

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna, Ph. D. has some advice for families who may be struggling with what to do: “Holidays are a particularly sensitive and difficult time for parents as this is the time they wish to celebrate with their children. It’s important to remember that it’s hard for the children too. It may be a time of remembering or becoming more aware that they are not a family anymore. The other parent’s presence may be sorely missed.”

Even though it may be difficult to decide how to handle a minor holiday like Halloween, you may want to remember that it isn’t nearly as tough on divorced families as other holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July.  The gathering together of family and friends is an important ritual for parents and children alike.  This time should be allotted in a way that is fair and even. Here are a few ways that parents may split their time over the holidays:

  • Your family may choose to split the day
  • You also may alternate years
  • In some cases, families will come together for the sake of the child

If you are just beginning the divorce process, click here to contact your Portland Oregon family law attorney today.  Attorney Ronald Johnston can help you build a parenting plan that will fit the needs of your family.


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