The Divorce Transition

February 16th, 2015

Divorce can bring great change to families. These changes can be good or bad depending on the situation. There can be relief from pain and conflict, or an escape from emotional or physical abuse. The truth though is that not all divorces end in conflict, some end on a mutual agreement that the relationship simply is no longer working.

With around half of marriages ending in divorce, many children are affected. The stress on the parents can rub off on the children leading the process to be very grueling and emotional. Even though a marriage may end, divorce does not end the family unit, it just changes it.

With so many feelings coming from divorce, it is normal for everyone involved to go through anger, hurt, and confusion. In the months following a divorce, the parents involved may experience financial stress and children may develop behavioral problems. If the family can function together and use strong communication to combat this time, these months may not turn into years of turmoil.

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