The Golden Rule When It Comes to Child Support Rules

September 16th, 2016

One of the reasons why couples going through a divorce in Portland Oregon hire a divorce attorney is to get help with child support.

child supportThere’s a lot to know when it comes to child support.  In fact, determining how much a parent will pay in child support is quite intricate.

In Oregon, there’s a formula that looks at the incomes of both parents, the child’s needs, the parenting time plan, childcare expenses, healthcare costs, and several other factors.

Fortunately for divorce attorneys there’s software that allows them to input each variable and come up with a possible child support amount.

Now, here’s the golden rule when it comes to child support.  Child support is a right of the child, not the parents.

All children whose parents have a custody order have a right to child support.

That means, parents can’t negotiate away child support nor can they unilaterally modify a child support agreement.  The only way they can modify child support is through a court order.

In Oregon, adult children attending college may be eligible for child support.

Child support is independent of visitation rights.  You may have to pay child support even though you don’t have visitation rights.  Also, you can’t withhold visitation rights if support isn’t being paid.

Bottom line, child support laws are there to protect children.  They are not there to serve the parents.

To ensure that your child receives fair support after your divorce is over in Portland OR seek the advice of a qualified and experienced attorney.

Ronald Johnston has been litigating child support issues for more than 36 years.  To contact him, click here.

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