The Impacts of Being Raised by a Person With Borderline Personality Disorder – Information From A Beaverton OR Divorce Attorney

August 24th, 2015

The challenge of a child being raised by a person with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is that this parent has a fragile and unpredictable personality.   These parents can often be highly functioning and educated, but their interpersonal relationships may be strained due to their inability to function. Some people describe them as children living in an adult’s body, unable to function at the same level.

People with BPD are great at functioning when everything is going their way, they may even be described as delightful and charming, but once the tides change, they will resort to a different way of dealing with life. Once someone crosses them, they can quickly resort to a more destructive behavior style in order to stabilize their extremely fragile sense of self.


This may be difficult for a child because they may feel the burden of dealing with an adult who emotionally resembles a child. This may require them to grow up faster than they should have to, because they now need to care for their parent in the way a parent would care for a child.

The next blog will cover the coping mechanisms of being raised by a parent of BPD. Click here to read more about your Beaverton Oregon divorce attorney who cares for your family.

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