The Importance of Planning During the Holidays

December 8th, 2014

With the holidays things can be a bit hectic in the world of stepparents and stepchildren due to varying schedules and event planning.  Many view the holiday season as a slow and meaningful time of year but when you throw multiple families into the mix it can be anything but.  The next few posts will be dedicated to helping families find the balance and manage stress during this time of year.

The best way to make sure everyone gets through the holidays without too much family damage is to plan, and then plan some more.  Events should be scheduled in advance and changes should be discussed together in order to ensure that everyone gets the agreed upon time.  The earlier this plan is set, the better.

All that planning aside; it is incredibly important not to push too hard.  There are aspects of the co-parenting relationship that are going to be awkward situations sometimes.  The best way to go about this type of situation is to be continuously working on your parenting measures through out the year, so that conflict resolution is possible.  Putting differences aside for the children over the holidays is the best way to accept the things that you cannot change about the other family.

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