The Mechanical Aspects of Divorce

March 18th, 2015

While the divorce process is an emotional one, it is important to not overlook the legal and mechanical aspects. These variables must be enacted in the proper order to protect you, regardless of the sadness you may feel. If you follow the advice below, you can help make sure that the procedural portion of the divorce leads to less stress.

• Educate yourself of about divorce. Laws in each state govern both marriage and divorce. When you begin to prepare for the divorce process it is important to understand the rules, laws, and precedents of the state where you live. Doing some research can help you know exactly what to expect in the process.
• Since divorce is a legal proceeding, it is important to find legal representation that specializes in divorce. An experienced divorce attorney like Ronald Allen Johnston is a great asset. He will know the laws for Oregon and can advise you.
• In collaboration with your attorney, you can create a specific plan. This can include issues such as assets, debt, child custody, and other shared possessions. If you create a list of realistic goals, you can begin the process with a clear vision of what you hope to walk away with.
• It is important to be civil and polite with your spouse, especially in a courtroom situation. This will help show the judge that you are a responsible adult.

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