Things We Learn from Divorce

November 12th, 2014

Divorce can seem like a failure for some, but when the dust settles, most end up seeing it as a learning experience.

Here are some of the things people take away from divorce that they may not have been expecting:

  • Happiness has to come from within. Sometimes we enter relationships thinking that that person will be there to make us happy, and in time we learn that no other single person can make us happy.  Happiness is something that must come from within.  It can be enhanced by those around us, but it must start within.
  • No one can really know what you’re thinking. In relationships, too often, we play games with our partners.  We expect them to know what we want, don’t want, and what we’re thinking.  The truth is, even after decades together, your partner can’t be expected to know everything you are thinking.  Open communication must be maintained if you want a relationship to flourish.
  • It’s not all sunshine and cupcakes. When you find someone, fall in love, and get married- that’s not the end.  Life will not be a happy honeymoon forever.  Responsibilities such as pets, careers, and of course children, will come along and give you stresses you couldn’t have expected.  If you think marriage will fix your life forever, a reality check may be in store for you soon. After a divorce some learn to better anticipate stresses, how they will affect them, and therefore be better prepared to handle them in the future.

This list could go on and on, but you probably get the picture.  Divorce can be difficult to go through, but with the right attitude, when the dust settles, you may take away some very important pieces of wisdom to help you thrive through the rest of your life.

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