Tips for a Healthy Marriage – From a Portland Divorce Attorney

October 27th, 2014

As a divorce attorney in Portland Oregon, I hear from many couples about what led to the demise of their marriage.  Though I am not a marriage counselor, I feel I have come to find a few common issues that if addressed, could help couples have healthier marriages.

This week I would like to take the opportunity to talk about these issues in each of our three posts, and leave readers with a few important tips for keeping their marriage more stable.

Today I will focus on a tip couples should keep up from the very beginning of their relationship and their marriage to keep it strong.

Keep Dating

When a marriage begins, it is often just you and your partner.  You focus on each other, and you spend a lot of time together.  As life progresses, responsibilities are added onto your plate.

  • Careers
  • Pets
  • Children

All of these things add to your stress and take away from the time you used to spend with each other.

Even if it is difficult, make it a priority to continue dating and spending time alone with your spouse.  That one-on-one time will allow you to remind each other why you married in the first place, and help you build your friendship- the basis of your love for each other.

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