Tips for Developing a Business Relationship Between You and Your Co-Parent from A Family Attorney in Hillsboro OR

January 15th, 2016

Once your divorce is completed, a transition will take place. You will no longer be able to see your ex as your spouse, they will now be your co-parent. This is a life long relationship, and getting comfortable with this new relationship may be awkward and difficult.

One thing to consider as you move towards this new relationship is that strange and uncomfortable is better than unpleasant and painful.

Part of this process will require you to change the way you talk to each other and what you talk about. Some family experts encourage co-parents to aim for a more business like interaction. This includes being polite and respectful with each other, just as business partners would be.

Just like in a business, you are bound together by an important common purpose, which is raising your child. This can help remove drama and conflict, because you likely want to be successful in this purpose. The overall goal is raising your children to grow up to be happy and well-adjusted.

The next series of blog posts will further discuss the steps towards developing a healthy business-like relationship with your co-parent.

However you choose to approach your co-parenting relationship, it is important to know that every situation is unique. For further assistance creating a parenting plan during your divorce, click here to contact a family attorney in Hillsboro OR today.

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